The Shura Process

Challenging issue or problem

Participants identify an opportunity to address a real issue or problem in their community. They use ShuraForAll to create and manage a shura whose participation can include students, teachers, or advisors from other communities across the world.

Shura set up

The person who starts the shura is responsible for explaining its context and providing a timeline for completing its phases of activities.

Discuss phase

Following the shura set up, all participants share their points of view on the issue as they recommend various courses of action to take. They are expected to provide evidence in the form of linked references or uploaded files to support their viewpoints.

Decide phase

After the discussion time period has ended, each person should select their preferred course of action based on their best judgment. The tool will compile selections and present the results to everyone. Once the course of action is agreed on, the shura effort moves to the next phase.

Deliver phase

Try to put the selected course of action into motion by setting objectives and carrying out action steps. Each person either joins an existing team or starts a new team and then performs the work. ShuraForAll charts the progress along the way, letting everyone know how things are going.

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