Ideas for Shura Issues

A lot of us can't earn enough money to meet our needs.

Who can help us find opportunities to earn money while we are training to get new skills? Are there skilled people willing to volunteer to help us learn? What courses should be offered in our school that better prepare us?

Our water is not safe for drinking.

What is causing our water to be bad? What can we do to prevent our water from being this way? Can we purify it ourselves?

Many of us do not feel safe in the neighborhood.

What can families do to help each other? Can we get adults from other neighborhoods to help? How can we get school teachers involved?

Our school needs more money to operate effectively.

What can we do to help? Should we try to write a grant? Are there organizations we can partner with?

Many families have houses that need repair.

Are there people with skills who will volunteer or work for a small wage to make repairs? Do they have the needed tools? Should we try to find a way to provide these tools ourselves? What other parts of this problem should we focus on?

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