A tool for bringing people together to decide on a course of action to take

It is a way for us to conduct our affairs through consultation with others.

We use shura to solve problems in matters of importance to us.
It is undertaken with regard to permissible actions.

"How might we better use our schools and community centers to encourage connecting and cooperation among ourselves?"

"How might we design new programs that address the tensions in our neighborhoods?"

"How might we establish a community trust fund that enables us to offset the costs of training and higher education?"

University Community Engagement

Increasingly, universities across the globe are working in partnership with their local communities to improve economic growth. Much more needs to be done in many other areas such as workforce development and collaboration on solutions to pressing societal problems.

ShuraForAll can help with this. The following presentation describes how this works.

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Training That Builds Communities

ShuraForAll helps communities develop their own leaders across a variety of industries. From business model development to wireless technology solutions, trainers can provide courses that prepare their trainees to meet personal, family, and community needs. Read More »

The Shura Process

Participants identify an opportunity to address a real issue or problem in their community. They use ShuraForAll to create...

Ideas for Shura Issues

Who can help us find opportunities to earn money while we are training to get new skills? Are there skilled people willing to...


Service-learning is a great way to combine meaningful service to the community with learning objectives. It can be especially...

Cultivating Trust

It’s hard for people to do the things you ask of them as a leader if they don’t trust you. If you want people to trust you...

Encouraging Broad Participation

Sometimes it is not easy to achieve active involvement by many shura participants. This could be because the right people...

Solving the Real Problem

One of the first things we should do in the very early stage of a shura is to determine if the statement of the problem...

Designing Courses of Action

Let’s look into a specific example as we discuss ways to help participants design courses of action for a shura. Consider...

Creating Self-organizing Teams

Although the primary objective of every shura is to determine the best course of action to solve a problem or address an issue...

Emerging Leaders

The potential of being a leader exists in all of us. People do not have to be born with specific traits of a leader. Leadership...

Learning from Failure

Some problems are very hard to solve. Especially those that stem from complex social issues. Take something like...

Seeing What Others See

A teacher shared a story where she often asks students to work in pairs to think through how to divide an orange...

Leading and Following

Many of us have difficulty giving control to others, especially when we are in a leadership position. We might reason...

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ShuraForAll is undertaking a significant effort to help workgroups and organizations use shura to make better decisions with more people involved. Bryant Mitchell, Associate Professor of Business, Management and Accounting at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), is actively working with two organizations using ShuraForAll. He shares his experiences.

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