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Shura involves bringing people together for the purpose of participating in making a decision on a course of action to take. It is undertaken with regard to permissible actions and matters. For example, students from a school want to work with a local food pantry to help them distribute more food to more people. Several approaches have been mentioned. What approach is likely to result in the best outcome?

Consider another case where the Board of Directors of an organization desires to construct a community center that will serve as a hub for educational and recreational activities. Funds are very limited. What is the best course of action that should be taken to obtain the money needed?

ShuraForAll is a tool designed to make it easy to apply the practice of shura to a wide variety of situations to benefit the human community worldwide.

Using it represents an effort to integrate the shura process into our daily lives. The individuals who have collaborated to create and deliver this tool are passionate about helping people consult with each other as decisions are being made.

We ask that you join us in introducing a structured way to conduct mutual consultation in our workgroups, joint projects, and organizations.

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