UMES Strategic Management: Creating career opportunities with Capstone Business Simulation

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How to take the simulation experience and use it to create either a business or an employment opportunity?
Provide an interactive tool — ShuraForAll — where teachers, mentors, and students can consult with each other as they build a repository of ideas complete with recommended courses of action. They then iterate on action steps to try to create desired outcomes. The repository becomes an enduring
collection of learning experiences to be applied on an ongoing basis.
Use the Discuss phase to allow each team lead to set the expectations of their team. Team leads invite team members and initiate discussion by recommending a course of action for their teams and providing evidence to support their recommendation. They also help team members understand their roles and responsibilities within the team.
Team members join the discussion and share viewpoints on what needs to be done. They also provide new recommendations and/or refine and improve existing recommendations, while providing supporting evidence.
In the Decide phase each participant selects a preferred course of action to be adopted and implemented for the team the person is on. Emphasize teamwork by having students use the Deliver phase to document and carry out the action steps needed to perform the work of the team as they use the business simulation software. Artifacts that document work progress and outcomes are attached to relevant action steps.
Each participant is expected to compile a portfolio that documents their challenges and successes during the course. The contents for the portfolio are derived from the various artifacts produced throughout the shura.
Provides an effective way for teachers to build teamwork into the day-to-day routine of course participation.
Makes creating student portfolios a by product of meeting the requirements of using the business simulation software.
Creates a repository of artifacts that documents learning experiences that can be preserved over time.

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