Training That Builds Communities

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Khalil Abdul-Rahman

 About the course facilitator

Khalil is one of the core group of people who has helped with the development of the ShuraForAll tool.

He is especially interested in working with individuals and organizations who are committed to helping people solve their own problems through consultation with others.

As a scientist and business analyst, he has provided technical and analytical support in the space exploration and healthcare industries.

He can be reached at

About the course

This is a required Train-the-Trainer course that must be completed to offer training courses. It focuses on giving you the opportunity to extend your training services beyond the traditional face-to-face context and online training context.

Most importantly, the course shows you how to help your trainees work in teams toward achieving common objectives. Rather than competing with each other, they learn how to support each other.

To help you make your decision about whether you want to take the course, review the short video at the link: What We Strive to Accomplish, and a longer video at More about the Course.

Since the course provides training support for a broad range of community building skills, you may find it helpful to review the ideas presented at the link: Tools and Methods for Emerging Leaders.

Course objectives include:

  • Develop the practice of using the best context to understand a problem.
  • Develop the practice of giving full measure and weight with justice in dealings with others.
  • Develop the practice of confirming what is presented is truly factual information.
  • Develop the practice of cross-checking judgments with other people.
  • Develop the practice of testing findings with repetitive observations.
  • Develop the practice of challenging assumptions using real data.
  • Develop the practice of asking questions that help understand how things work.
  • Develop the practice of looking for better ways to get things done.
  • Develop the practice of looking for patterns and relationships that help explain things.
  • Develop the practice of giving high attention to detail.
  • Develop the practice of patiently persevering while working through difficult problems.
  • Develop the practice of explaining findings in simple terms.

As soon as you complete registration, the course is ready for your use.

Live support for the course is offered weekdays from 10 am to 12 noon Eastern Time United States. Use the following FreeConferenceCall link to attend: Training That Builds Communities.

Special live support appointments can be made by contacting me at

Sample course outline

Please review the attached file named “How to Develop a Business Model” to get ideas on how a course could be set up.

Also attached is a file named "Business Model Elements." It can be used to see the building blocks of a good business model.

And lastly, a file named "Business Model Worksheets" is attached. Download it to experiment how you might construct a new business model for your business or improve the one you have.

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