The Ascendant Qur'an – translation

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As ICIT (The Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought) moves closer to publishing The Ascendant Qur'an translation by Imam Muhammad al-‘Asi, there are a handful of important issues that need to be resolved before a publishable draft can be created. To be sure, there are other aspects of the translation that need to be readied before publication can take place, however the execution of these aspects is fairly straightforward, not requiring the thoughtful input of those who have been gainfully involved in giving feedback to the principals. We felt that in order to reach the most informed decision on these key issues, it would be advisable for us to open up the thinking and decision-making process to our reviewers and proofreaders. This Shura For All web forum will capture all of the views on these issues so that all parties involved in the decision-making process will be aware of the positions of their co-participants, and so that all will have an opportunity to see how the shura process will evolve into the ultimate decision-making phase. Please review the attached document to view the issues of concern along with a procedure of how to respond and move the process forward.

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