Lifetime Investment for Endless Reward: Building Jumma'at Masjid

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To purchase and build a Jumma'at Masjid located at Water Board Quarters, Bauchi Municipal in Bauchi State of Nigeria, West Africa.


There is the need to purchase and build a Jumma'at Masjid from the existing Community Masjid which has been operating for more than two decades. Because there is no Juma'at masjid closer to the community, the Masjid committee decided to seek approval from the Government to operate as a Juma'at Masjid.

After the approval was granted, it was observed that the Masjid cannot accommodate 80% of worshipers attending the Masjid for Juma'at prayers.

Accordingly, the Masjid committee has entered into an agreement with the landowner opposite the Masjid, that he is willing to sell the land to the Masjid at the cost of 9 million Naira only. Presently, the Masjid has generated N2.1 million Naira for the purchase of the land.
This shura aims to work with the Masjid Committee to help us think through and overcome the obstacles we face.

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