ICIT’s Multimedia Hosting Solutions

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ICIT’s Multimedia Hosting and Sales & Promotion of Tafsir

The Problem: The sale and promotion of the Tafsir are not as good as would like. The same applies to our other books. YouTube has taken down our videos, main khutbahs by Imam al Asi.

What we hope to achieve: To engage the people by making the Khutbahs by Imam al-Asi more accessible and intuitive via transcripts. To encourage a better understanding and the necessity of the Tafsir and the Sirah. And to supplement with other Major Works.


Key Terms

engage the people – all information is expected to be made available to the readers, by means of their membership level; to encourage their participatory in the decision process.

accessible – An independent and better-hosting site; that means an autonomous and cost-effective web hosting site.

khutbahs – the timely and contemporary khutbahs by Imam al-Asi is an asset that needs to be recorded in the most effective medium and distribution i.e. audio.

transcripts – the khutbahs audio will be supported by transcript to ensure the documentation and clarity of message intended. Also, to facilitate discussions.

tafsir – the most important and honored work of ICIT. The people should be able to access, navigate, enquire and purchase of the tafsir.

sirah – another important and valuable work of ICIT. The people should be able to access, navigate, enquire and purchase of the Sirah.

major works: Here any other ICIT’s Publications like Issues and Stages of Global Islamic Movement falls in.

ICIT’ Media Hosting and Publications

Due to the numerous challenges in delivering its services, ICIT needs to step back and look at its strategies. What are the tools available? What best method and practices to be adopted? The Reader’s participatory level? The pricing of the publications?

 Another way of looking at what we have as Projects/Products or Major Publications is by Creating a BRAND that will be the STAR of the FOUNDATION. And support it with PILLARS.

The Foundation is generally the core business. What the Organization is built upon or is trying to sell or propagate to society.


Are 5:

  1. The Ascendant Qur’an
  2. The Power Manistipations of the Sirah
  3. Crescent International News Magazine
  4. Issues & Stages of Global Islamic Movement
  5. Khutbahs by Imam al Asi



The Ascendant Qur’an

The Supportive Pillars:

  1. Audiobook, a powerful narration, a hired professional needed
  2. A Creative Platform, icit-digital is doing a great job [maybe a tweak or two won't hurt]
  3. Halaqahs
  4. Seminars/Events



Khutbahs by Imam al Asi

The Supportive Pillars:

  1. Transcripts
  2. Streaming/Downloading
  3. iTunes
  4. Frame Width 640 x Frame Height 340. {e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64WPN_EgCII}. Highlighting points as the Subject is been discussed. Use high picture definition at the background with a slow transition.
  5. Any other enhancement is applicable.


[Above is the subject, the shura, and the solution we’re hoping
to achieve.
Of course, this is the initial draft with it needs more fleshing out.
Please endeavor to give your input, don't shy away.]

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