Data Analysis Using Excel

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About the course

This is an introductory course in using Excel to perform data analysis. It is designed to give you a working knowledge of how to use the tool to solve problems of interest to you.

The course takes you from basic operations such as reading data into Excel and then preparing data for analysis.

You will learn how to:

  • Read data into Excel using various formats.
  • Clean data.
  • Format data into rows and columns.
  • Filter data.
  • Make line, bar, and pie charts.
  • Identify trends in data.

We will use the ShuraForAll tool to guide us in organizing and doing the work for this course.

The benefits to be gained are:

  • Learn how to help each other improve team and individual performance.
  • Learn how to carry out assigned tasks and responsibilities.
  • Learn how to use social skills like listening, communicating, and resolving conflicts as we¬†work together.

Please review the attached file named 'About Excel' to get an overview description.

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