Community Building Hubs

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Problem Statement

People need a practical way to systematically apply Qur’anic guidance and the Prophetic way to improve their joint problem solving skills.

These skills are essential to carrying out the work required to address local and global issues in the areas of training, health care, housing, business development and others.


Provide a training program named Training That Builds Communities to help develop candidate emerging leaders who would combine the use of the shura (consultation) process and the waqf (endowment) system to address contemporary social justice issues and solve problems.

The Idea in Practice

This shura is designed to bring together community organizers, trainers, mentors, teachers, advisors, and others whose hearts are tuned to striving for social justice. They are already working in various capacities with individuals and organizations that are actively involved in resolving community issues.

Referring to an example of a real issue facing an organization, we intend to demonstrate how the shura process and the waqf system is being used. Additionally, we want to explain how the concept of Community Building Hubs is being applied by this organization.

In the Discuss phase of this shura, participants are expected to contribute their comments concerning issues their organizations currently are facing. For each of these comments they are expected to add the recommended course of action they propose to take to address their issues. 

Shura Kickoff

The kickoff date of this shura is 1445-Shawwal-12 (2024-04-21) at 10 am United States Eastern Time. To join the live event, use the Skype link:

Additional Information

The Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) has committed to promoting on its website organizations that combine the shura process with the waqf system to solve social justice related problems. For more information on this and its emerging leaders initiative, visit Emerging Leaders.

A more detailed description of the Training That Builds Communities program is provided at this link.

To learn more about Community Building Hubs, visit this link.

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