Problem-Solving Techniques

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Adamu Iliyasu

About the Course Facilitator

Adamu is one of the ShuraForAll Team members in Nigeria.

Adamu is an excellent trainer and solutionist. After a few years of experience in Training development, he became a great trainer. His training has been followed by employees and Business individuals.

About the Course Facilitator

This training contains some technics you need to know to solve problems efficiently and innovatively.

I show you how to approach challenges with the right mindset.

You will learn effective strategies for analyzing the causes of problems and methods of working with a group to find the best solutions.

You will also find practical examples and practical exercises to illustrate each point.

Nowadays, problem-solving is a vital skill for success.

Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, you must be able to make decisions, analyze, reflect, and evaluate options.

Most people find themselves immobilized. They fail to construct their ideas. There are reasons behind these situations, and there are also techniques to control them.

Here are just a few skills you will learn in this training:

  • Change your approach to problems and acquire the right mindset
  • Learn to recognize and map out a problem
  • Uncover methods to find solutions
  • Learn to unshackle your creativity
  • Assess and select the best solutions

This is a practical course; you will work in terms of solving a problem. I will share techniques you can immediately apply to obtain results quickly. Throughout the training, you will find practical exercises to immediately apply what you learn.

Training Information.

Course Starting Date - 1st August 2023.

Training Model - Online Virtual

Duration - 6 weeks

Schedule - Weekends

Time - 10 am to 11:30 am NG time


Telegram: +2349084146359

Twitter: @adam_sarma

Class Link:

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