Setting Up a Waqf for ShuraForAll


Dhu al-Qa'dah 27, 14412020-07-18 -- Ramadan 10, 14442023-04-01


Ramadan 13, 14442023-04-04 -- Ramadan 26, 14442023-04-17


Ramadan 27, 14442023-04-18 --
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We need to prepare for the possible transition of operating ShuraForAll from a nonprofit organization based in the United States to an organization structured as a waqf that is based in a region of the world where a waqf is properly recognized and legally supported.

To accomplish this, we need to research and document the requirements. We also need to identify the core team of people who will perform this work and who will carry out the tasks of managing and operating the waqf in a sustainable way. This shura is set up to help us fulfill these responsibilities.


Over the years ShuraForAll has evolved through various attempts to help individuals and organizations conduct their affairs using mutual consultation. Now that Khalil Abdul-Rahman and Bryant C. Mitchell, the two primary persons involved have reached an age where they may not be able to continue their efforts much longer, a plan must be developed to continue this work.

Discussions on this topic have already begun. Khalil has spoken with Br Muhammad Abdul Latheef, Br Uvais Ahamed, and Br Jammal Mahmood about some of the issues involved. There is a clear need to structure these conversations to allow us to document them and our efforts to act on the ideas that come out of them.


Transitioning to a waqf requires us to clearly state its purpose and the names and roles of the initial people who agree to manage and operate it. Insha'Allah, our approach will be to first review relevant existing documents that describe the intent and performance of ShuraForAll. Then we expect to review documents that explain how service oriented organizations like ShuraForAll might be structured to operate as a waqf.

After proper review and discussion, we intend to determine the core set of people required to support the waqf. This core will proceed to outline the course(s) of action that, insha'Allah, will help us meet our challenge.

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